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It’s okay to talk about #BlackLivesMatter if you’re White

Holding my phone in my hand as I completed the last of my voice text, I saw the flashing lights of the police car directly behind me. "Motherf***er", I muttered as I replaced my phone on the hands-free driving cradle and proceeded to pull over, turning on to a side street from the busy main road … [Read More...]

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SoFabU – On The Road in Chicago!

I'm so excited to be the Keynote Speaker at SoFabU - On The Road in Chicago today about making the Shift from Blogger to Business Owner.  My life changed several years ago when I decided to step in to owning my own business - becoming an "Accidental Entrepreneur".  It's been the best and most … [Read More...]

Red, White & Blue $100 Target Giveaway (

Red, White & Blue $100 Target Giveaway

Summer is in full swing and nothing says “summer” like July 4th excitement. Are you planning to cookout, attend a parade, run a 5K, watch fireworks or all of the above? Whatever your plans, I hope you are able to spend some time with those you love, relax a little and honor a special day in American … [Read More...]

Look at what the Solo by 3DR can do #ad #SoloAtBestBuy

Father’s Day at Best Buy: Where the cool gifts are #SoloAtBestBuy

Did you forget to get your Dad something cool for Father's Day?  Or are you a Dad that got another tie or beautiful picture from your kids, yet were yearning for a cool gadget that you could play with?  Best Buy has a solution for your Father's Day misses with a few hits of their own - specifically … [Read More...]

GPALOVEMATH is a great way to prevent summer brain drain (

4 Tips to Avoid the Summer Brain Drain #GPALoveMath #Giveaway

June is here and with it comes the sunshine, warm weather and our kids being released from the confines of the Monday through Friday school schedule.  They are excited to put down the books, worksheets and projects in favor of hanging out with friends, pushing the limits of their bedtimes or curfews … [Read More...]

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Friday 5: Last days, looking back, and lots of potty time #Friday5

Thanks to Jaime at for the Friday 5 inspiration! 1.  It's the last week of school here, and with the end of the year comes the purging of desk, lockers and classrooms of all the work that's been stored in them for the entire school year.  My kitchen table looks like a school store … [Read More...]

My babies six years ago (

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6 years ago . . . When this picture popped up in my #timehop app late last night, I couldn't believe how long ago it was when my babies were so little.  I started to think about where I was - and who I was - six years ago. (TimeHop will totally make you do that.  If you don't want a walk … [Read More...]

Combat the summer vacation boredom with these fun ideas (

5 ways to combat your kid’s boredom this summer

This post recently appeared on where I am a regular contributor. The end of the school year is upon us, and with it comes the mad rush of graduation, field days, teacher appreciations, sports banquets and bridging ceremonies that will fill every waking moment we have. In my … [Read More...]

An amazing view in my new space (

Finding a space for me

It's been almost a year since we moved in to our new home.  While I am loving our smaller space and I appreciate that it is easier to keep up with, I miss a few things about my old house.  One of the biggest was my office. Yes, I had an office. It wasn't a converted bedroom but an actual room … [Read More...]

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My journey to a Non Toxic Life

When my two youngest were babies, I was blissfully unaware of what was going on in the world around me.  A decade ago, I lit candles all of the time and used liquid fabric softener and detergents that made my clothes smell like flowers.  I bought body sprays, bath gels and lotions that made my skin … [Read More...]

Yummy sangria (

Stream of Consciousness – #SOCWeekend #blogging #freewriting

So it's been a REALLY long time since I did one of these.  Not post a blog (I actually did that yesterday).  What I mean is participated in one of Love Jaime's Stream of Consciousness weekend link up posts.  I miss them, and I always have the best intentions but the weekends seem to get away from … [Read More...]

Parasailing with my oldest (

I am . . . . . Old School Blogging, Volume One

My blog barely remembers I exist.  Some days I forgot that this is where my love and my passion started, here on the blog.  I miss having the time to write like I did in the very beginning. My friend Jaime over at Love Jaime suggested that I try to jump in to the Old School Blogging link up this … [Read More...]

Bartlett Nature Center (via DNR website)

Why you should spend the night at the Bartlett Nature Center

This post recently appeared on where I am a regular contributor. When my daughter’s brownie troop leader suggested an overnight at the Bartlett Nature Center for our girls, I thought she had lost her mind. What could we possibly do in a nature center for 12+ hours, sans … [Read More...]


5 ways to keep kids focused at the end of the school year #GPALoveMath

It's May and the end of the school year is near.  Unless your kids are home-schooled, they are probably being inundated with things like standardized testing, Teacher Appreciation weeks, year-end wrap ups, awards nights, and scouting ceremonies that have parents running around almost every weeknight … [Read More...]


May Book Club – Spinster #FromLeft2Write

When I had a child during my twenty-first year, I was unmarried but in a relationship with her father.  My family had brought children in to the world in a similar style for a few generations, so while it was nothing new that I was technically an "unwed mother", there was an expectation that since … [Read More...]