Quick and Easy, No Paint DIY Bathroom Facelift

Our upstairs bathroom was tired.  And sad.  And looking a little old-ladyish for lack of a better description.  It had zero spark or personality.  So I decided to give it a face-lift.

The ceilings are vaulted and there are about 12 layers of cranberry paint on those walls.  So a paint overhaul was out of the question because it would require the hiring of professionals (and that’s just not in the budget).  It’s also not in the budget to get new cabinets (or paint these lovely, solid oak but hideous colored brown ones) to brighten up the joint.  This was my girls bathroom, so I decided that it needed to LOOK like it was the bathroom belonging to two little girls (and shared by a third sister – and their big brother part time.  SORRY for all the pink, dude!)

Here are the before pictures:

A sad bathroom in need of a DIY, No Paint Face-Lift (www.memyselfandjen.com)

Don’t you hear the music from the SNL skit “Debbie Downer” when you look at it?

Wah . .Wah . .

And here’s what I decided to do:

New shower curtain and liner (50% off on clearance rack with coupon from Kohl’s):  $15.00 for both

Isn't this hot air balloon shower curtain totally cute? (www.memyselfandjen.com) New rugs (not on sale but bought at Target so not insanely priced) in a cheerful yellow:  $30.00 total

Bright colored bath rugs add a pop of color to any space!  (www.memyselfandjen.com) ARTWORK that was brightly colored and inspirational (30% with coupon from Gordman’s):  $25.00 total

Uplifting and positive artwork will start their day off on the right note! (www.memyselfandjen.com) I also grabbed the tooth brush holder that matched the shower curtain (also 50% off at Kohl’s) $6.00

Gotta love a hot air ballowwn toothbrush that matches the shower curtain (www.memyselfandjen.com) Dark pink towels (also from Target) and an awesome candle that smells fantastic (like the ocean – whatever that is) from HomeGoods  $30.00 total

Changing towels is an easy and inexpensive way to add new colors to your bathroom (www.memyselfandjen.com) So here’s the before and after

The before and after pictures speak volumes - no more drab and dreary bathroom! (www.memyselfandjen.com) For a little over $100.00, I gave a face-lift to a really drab and boring room in our house.  It’s now colorful and lively!  While it’s only a bathroom, it’s the first room the girls are in to start their day, and I wanted it to be bright and cheerful.  Bye-bye sad bathroom!

I’d love to hear what you think!  Do you have a room that could use an accessory face-lift in your house??


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