Let’s keep Christmas trees up all year long

This article recently appeared on ChicagoParent.com where I am a regular contributor. 

There is a very deliberate reason why I have an artificial tree. And it’s not because I enjoy making fun of my neighbors whose dead trees inevitably blow around our cul-de-sac while waiting to be picked up by the garbage trucks.

That’s just a bonus.

I have an artificial tree so I am not forced to take down my holiday decorations by a dying tree shedding sap and needles all over my living room carpet.

Yes, I used the word “forced.” You see, I love the holidays. I adore decorating my home with white lights and red and white garland that’s so bright and fluffy it looks like a scarf. My holiday-themed Rubbermaid containers full of painstaking labeled ornaments are like scrapbooks to unpack every year – memories of vacations past and childhood milestones. My tree is filled with generations of ornaments that are the only links to some family that I have left. Sappy right?

See how I managed to use “sap” in two different ways?

There’s just one problem. At some point it becomes embarrassing that I’m still turning on the Christmas tree (that’s perched in the front windows of my house) in the middle of January. The recent Polar Vortex gave me a little reprieve this year from my neighbor’s usual stares and snickers. But they are watching me to see just how long it’s going to take me this year before I knock off my hanging-on-to-the-holiday-shenanigans and get with the program.

Well, why can’t the tree stay up all year? It can be a “Love Tree” for Valentine’s Day, with families filling it with messages of love to each other that they place on it. Then, of course, there’s the whole Easter Tree. That’s already a thing – why can’t the trees we decorate be nice, full pine trees instead of spray-painted Charlie Brown looking twigs?? I’m sure we could figure out how to incorporate it into every holiday that we have.

Especially Arbor Day.

Better yet, let’s just leave the ornaments on it and don’t pretend that we are trying to fancy it up in to something that it isn’t. Protest I say! Keep the tree up all year long! Don’t we moms have enough to do without having to put away something that looks like this once a year?

Look at this craziness!  Why can't we keep the Christmas decorations up all year long? (www.memyselfandjen.com)

Confession:  It’s February 1st and there are still Christmas decorations out and about in my house. #CantHelpIt  


  1. says

    I have not yet put my tree away either. It’s such a daunting task and I’m loathe to go through and find my kids have broken or lost some of my favorite ornaments. My goal is to put it away by March.

  2. says

    I LOVE IT AND I LOVE YOU!!!! I keep mine up as long as possible, too. We do have a “real” tree that some years we are forced to take down earlier than others, but we have a fake tree too that we leave up for as long as we want! As tacky as it is, we leave our house lights up for a really, really long time. Every once in a while we get snow here, and it makes it twice as nice to go outside and light up the house!! Even after my trees come down, I slowly take away the rest of the decorations. I’ve been known to decorate my bathroom with lights and tinsel and keep it up all through winter. Let’s face it, Winter sucks. The decorations make everything better!

    • Jennifer Evers says

      I couldn’t agree more! And Chicago winter has REALLY been sucking this year. We need as much joy as possible! (LOVE YOU TOO!)

  3. Carolyn says

    Ha! I just had the kids take the tree down when they were off school last week! I haven’t put all the ornaments away yet though! Enjoy!

  4. Joy says

    It’s March 5 and my tree and decorations are still up! It’s been so cold and snowy, so it still feels like Christmas. When the time changes and it gets to be in the 40s everyday, I will reluctantly put everything away…..but not quite yet.

  5. says

    This is my wife’s and I first life size tree since we’ve been married. I feel that is bring joy to our apartment and brightens up our living room. We’ve decided to not be superstitious and leave it up all year. It’s so beautiful and reminds me up my family tree when I was growing up.

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