Walgreens Way To Well Health Tour is coming to Chicago! #WayToWellTour

Walgreens Way To Well Health Tour I am super excited to be helping Walgreens get the word out about their “Way to Well Health Tour” this summer.  The Walgreens Way to Well Commitment® is focused on improving your everyday health through the prevention and early detection of today’s leading diseases, like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. As someone who has struggled this last year with managing my health and wellness (especially with the amount of stress I’ve been under), I’m thrilled that Walgreens is providing me with simple and easy programs that will guide me in the right direction.

The Walgreens Way to Well Health Tour is a community outreach program dedicated to providing free preventative and early detection health services to communities across the country. The tour will also introduce visitors to the Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy choices program, which rewards members for healthy choices such as walking, running and weight management, while also providing access to online communities to help reach personal health and fitness goals.

The tour offers free health tests valued at over $100 that give important insight into visitors’ overall health.  The tour also provides consultations so that visitors can understand their results.  At the tour, visitors will also be introduced to the Balance Rewards for healthy choices program that rewards people for healthy choices they make every day, like eating right, being active and even getting health screenings like the ones provided on the bus.  If readers sign up for Balance Rewards before visiting the tour, they can earn points for their visit.

Wallgreens Way To Health Tour with AARP #WayToWellTour

(By the way, don’t let the fact that AARP is participating in this too make you think that this is just a program for the “older” people in your community.  The #WayToWellTour is for EVERYONE that’s 18 years of age or older!)

Here’s another great service that the Way To Well Health Tour is providing, at tour locations participants can learn how to use fitness devices (like FitBit) and digital applications to help track their personal health and fitness goals and how to sync them to auto-log their healthy activities into their Balance Rewards account.  I love this!  My phone is permanently attached to my hand (just kidding, but it feels that way), and to have someone teach me how to use digital applications nad devices to do something healthy is a big deal!

The tour kicks of on June 8th in Chicago and will be back in the area from June 18-21.  Here is a list of the stops:

Wednesday, June 4, Walgreens, 3019 W. Peterson Ave., Chicago, IL, 12PM-6PM

Thursday, June 5, Walgreens, 4748 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL, 12PM-6PM

Friday, June 6, Walgreens, 5140 W. Diversey Ave., Chicago, IL 12PM-6PM

Saturday, June 7, Walgreens, 5158 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 12PM-6PM

Sunday, June 8, Walgreens, 5600 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL 12PM-6PM

Wednesday, June 18, Carillon Health & Fitness Day, 21146W S. Carillon Dr., Plainfield, IL, 8AM-1PM

Thursday, June 19, Walgreens, 10639 S. Cicero Ave., Oak Lawn, IL, 10AM-4PM

Friday, June 20, Walgreens, 14680 S LaGrange Rd., Orland Park, IL, 12PM-6PM

Saturday, June 21, Walgreens, 612 Raymond Dr., Naperville, IL, 9AM-3PM

Walgreens Way To Well Health Tour Bus #WayToWellTour

Find one near you – or just come out to the event on June 21st in Naperville and hang out with me!  I’ll be there with bells (and my FitBit) on!

For more information about the Walgreens “Way To Well Health Tour”, go to Walgreens.com/WaytoWell


Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Walgreens and I have been compensated for my assistance in helping them get the word out about the Way to Well Health Tour.  I am a huge fan of Walgreens and their products, and I am excited to be a part of this campaign.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Jay Taylor says

    When Walgreens joins CVS Pharmacies and quits selling cigarettes and tobacco products, I will be totally on board with them as a health promoter. 480,000 Americans will die from smoking and tobacco use this year. You can’t say you promote health and continue to sell something as awful as cigarettes.

    • Jennifer Evers says

      I agree that it is definitely a conflicting issue that both stores will need to address soon.

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