Walgreens #WayToWellTour Recap and a GIVEAWAY!

This past weekend, I participated in the Walgreens “Way To Well Health Tour” that was winding it’s way through Chicagoland in June.  With my kids in tow, we stopped at the gigantic tour bus to take part in the free preventative and early detection health services that Walgreens is providing to communities across the country.

Walgreens #WayToWellTour bus stop in Naperville (www.memyselfandjen.com)

Once I checked in at the bus and gave my preliminary health information to Karen (along with learning that the bus tour was fully HIPPA compliant), she showed me how Walgreens and the Balance Rewards program could be synced with my new FitBit for deeper rewards from Walgreens for staying healthy.  For every mile I walk that’s logged on my FitBit, I earn 20 points on my Balance Rewards card!  Points equal rewards cash, so I am excited that by making health choices, I can earn actual money off my Walgreens purchases!

Walgreens #WayToWellTour initial intake information (www.memyselfandjen.com)

After the technology portion of the stop was completed, we got down to the health screening process.  First up was a blood pressure check.  Mine was slightly elevated, but that may have to do with two small munchkins that were running around at the time.

Walgreens #WayToWellTour Blood Pressure Test (www.memyselfandjen.com)

The rest of my health screenings took place inside of the bus, which is set up like a regular clinic inside with curtain partitions for privacy between patients and very comfortable benches to wait on.   Next up was my blood draw, which was handled via a finger stick.

Walgreens #WayToWellTour Blood Stick (www.memyselfandjen.com)

Then I was weighed and my BMI was calculated.  Just what every woman wants to do after breakfast!

Walgreens #WayToWellTour Weigh In (www.memyselfandjen.com)

After a few minutes, Karen handed me a print out and walked through my results in comparison to the “Healthy Ranges” for a woman my age.  What I discovered is that my cholesterol and glucose were good, my blood pressure was a little elevated, and that my BMI and Body Fat Percentage were above the recommended ranges for my age.  Not something that was surprising to me, but still hard to see on paper.  In addition, it also told me that my Body Age was 56!  YIKES!  Don’t get my wrong, 56 is a great age – if I was in my 50s to begin with.  But having a body age in your 50s when you are ONLY IN YOUR MID 40s IS NOT GOOD.  I knew that I had work to do, and it was a gentle nudge that with Walgreens, Balance Rewards, and my FitBit that I was headed in the right direction.

Walgreens #WayToWellTour Results (www.memyselfandjen.com)

But wait, there’s more!!

The nice people at Walgreens are letting me give a brand new, FitBit Flex to one of my readers!  I am SO EXCITED to finally have a FitBit.  This thing is the COOLEST THING EVER!  It tracks my steps, how many calories I’ve burned, how much weight I have yet to lose, how much water I’ve consumed in a day, and what kind of sleep I’m getting.  I love that you can track everything you need to stay healthy IN ONE PLACE with the FitBit.  I thought it was going to be strange, sleeping with it and getting used to wearing something ALL THE TIME.  But I’ve adjusted just fine.  The best part?  If my bloggers friends and I accidentally dropped the FitBit in the toilet (like we have with the pedometer we were using), we wouldn’t ruin it because it is waterproof!!

Color selection made by Walgreens.

Color selection made by Walgreens.

So you know you want one for yourself.  Come on and enter for  your chance to win one.  It’s cool.  And then you can join the Balance Rewards program at Walgreens with me!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Walgreens and I have been compensated for my assistance in helping them get the word out about the Way to Well Health Tour. I am a huge fan of Walgreens and their products, and I am excited to be a part of this campaign. All opinions are my own.

Walgreens #WayToWellTour FitBit Giveaway (www.memyselfandjen.com)


  1. Trudy says

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I did not know about the bus. I desperately need a fitbit but daycare bills come first at moment. Always putting others first is what we do best.

  2. Kari says

    I would use it to help me on my weight loss journey and monitor my activity levels throughout the week!

  3. Jess W. says

    Jen, that’s awesome that you are on the right track for reclaiming your health. I have a FitBit and looooove it. I am hoping to win this for my hubby so we can get back into shape together.

  4. Ida Mae says

    I’m active with my boys daily, but this would let me know just how active. It would likely push me to be more consistent with my personal exercise.

  5. says

    I love to count my steps. I did this years ago when I was working in the library and knew that I wasn’t getting enough walking in… and then I lost that counter thingy. But now that I am retired, I really know that I am not getting in my steps or getting my heart rate up. Time to do something about it. And Fitbit looks like a great solution.

  6. saminder gumer says

    i would use it to help get me on a training regiment that allows me to get lean muscle mass.

  7. Chelsea M says

    I could love to win this fitbit so I can stay accountable with my activity throughout the day! Thanks for running this giveaway!

  8. Chrissy Malave says

    I want to be more active and the fitbit would help me track my steps so it will help me do so.

  9. Carla S says

    One fitness goal would be to add more steps in your day. You can park farther away and use the fitbit to determine how many steps you added.

  10. says

    I would love to have a fit bit to help track my walking. I have tried pedometers and haven’t found one that works well. (I am known for accidentally resetting it!) One of my personal goals is to lose some weight and more exercise would help! I feel that by knowing how far I have walked each day would would be an incentive to keep going, be consistent and even do more!!! Thanks for considering me! AND, thanks for the info on the Walgreen’s Way to Well tour!

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