Hanging with CBS Chicago: Tips for using Social Media for Customer Service

Earlier this week, I was contacted by a producer from the CBS Chicago News.  They were looking for people with stories about handling customer service issues on social media.

After cleaning my house in record time (aka throwing all of the clutter in my car like it was a real estate showing) finding an outfit that I felt somewhat skinny in, and throwing rollers in my hair, I agreed to let the producer and a cameraman come on over and hang out in my kitchen.

Here’s what I looked like before they arrived:

Jennifer Evers prepping for CBS Chicago News, talking about using social media for customer service issues (www.memyselfandjen.com)

And here’s the finished segment with Dorothy Tucker that aired on Thursday night during the 10pm news:

As a reminder, if you are interested in tweeting a brand about an issue you are having about a product or service make sure to:

- Be concise and to the point
- Don’t use foul language
- Include a picture of what you are describing that you are dissatisfied (or thrilled) with
- Make sure you are appropriately tagging the company’s social media accounts
- Use a hashtag with the brand name in it
- Encourage your friends to share it

Thanks to Sears for providing such great customer service and to CBS Chicago for including me in their segment!



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